Tails N Tots

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    Tails N Tots was started so that we could bring soap fans together with the stars of their favorite daytime shows, and help give to some wonderful charities along the way. And with the help of some of daytime's best and you the fans we have been able to do just that.  

    Over the past few years we have be fortunate enough to raise money for charities such as, The Best Friends Animal Society,  Autism Speaks, and this year we are donating to The Make a Wish Foundation!

   Being that we started out as soap fans and attended many other events ourselves. We tried to put things into our events that we would like to do with the stars from our favorite daytime shows. V.I.P dinners, drinks, dancing, Q&A's, Who Wants to be a Soap Star?, and Singing with the Stars! We hope that in the end, that everyone who has attended had a good time and got a chance to have that special moment with their favorite daytime stars, all while helping support a great charity!

                  Janine Palkovics  

                                         Stephanie Ryan 

                  Amy Button